Week of November 4th

Terrific LS Team,
         Thank you for a great Halloween and for the extra effort needed to navigate the day after Halloween.  Job well done!
SSTs this week.
       We will talk about students on your radar, and please bring your laptop again.  We will continue to explore resources and talk about teacher pages and progress reports,

*We are accomplishing a great deal!  The classrooms and bulletin boards look so thoroughly PYP – good work, everyone!

Heads Up

*Daylight Savings Time has begun.

* Please carefully read Susan’s emails regarding Monday trainings 10/28 and 11/4 and mine regarding upcoming issues.  Depending on your emergency team assignment, one Monday you will be doing emergency training and the other teacher page creation.  Thank you for your attention to these important meetings. We are working hard to be well-prepared, and that makes a significant difference in the quality of the community’s safety. Another important area-communication – the teacher pages will support our community’s connection to the amazing teaching and learning going on at AWS.

*Please be exceptionally vigilant about strangers due to the concerns expressed recently.


Coming Attractions
         **Monday 11/4
                  *All-School Chapel -10:00
                  *Play to Learn in Small Gym

*All-School Meetings (Emergency training / teacher pages) 3:30-5:00

** Tuesday 11/5

* LS Only Teacher web page training – Sarah’s room 3:30-4:30 (Optional)

         **Wednesday 11/6

* LS Chapel 2:00pm

                      *Benefits Fair 3:00-5:00pm

* Report Card Committee 3:30-4:30 Co-Lab

* AWSPA Parent Topic: Parenting to Grow Responsibility and Respect 7:00-9:00pm in Great Hall

         **Thursday 11/7

*MS Play – The Pink Panther Strikes Again

7:30 in Kemper

         **Friday 11/8

* MS Play – The Pink Panther Strikes Again –  7:30 in Kemper

         **Monday 11/11

*Morning Visit Day and Parent Preview – expect student visitors

*Veterans’ Day Chapel

10:00 am

*Play to Learn

10-11:30am small gym

*Curriculum Committee Meeting


 Professional Links:
Quote of the Week
Metacognition – so important, and I think many of us are working hard to accomplish student focus on their own learning through modeling and conversation: “We can train students to be better observers of their own learning so that they can take ownership of their learning…” Dylan William
Let’s have a super week!



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